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General Information
You must be 21yrs+ to attend the 9th Circle International Kink Convention

9th Circle International Kink Convention will be help at The GOAT Live, in El Paso Texas.

The GOAT LIVE is located at 1430 Bessemer Dr. 79936


Google Map here:

Please read the Code of Conduct. It lists the critical rules and etiquette for 9th Circle International Kink Convention.

You do not need to be a Dungeon Hell Paso Hell Fire Club Member to attend, or buy, tickets, however, current members receive a discount. If you would like to become a Hell Fire Club member, please visit the Dungeon Hell Paso Website for more information.

There is a strict, no photography allowed rule.  Devices that appear capable of recording images, video, or audio must be kept OUT OF SIGHT inside all event areas. This includes: cell phones, cameras, tablets, laptops, and smart watches. Any lens must ALWAYS be covered with opaque tape. Equipment may be confiscated or destroyed at our discretion. Vendors using a cell phone for credit/debit card transactions are exempt, however, camera lens must remain covered.

Please be kind! 9th Circle International Kink Convention is organized by the community of Dungeon Hell Paso, all are volunteers who work hard to help build their community and support their local dungeon. Please be kind and patient with the volunteers working to make 9th Circle International Kink Convention possible.


As this is our inaugural year, we do not have a number of possible attendees. To insure we do not oversell, and over tax our resources, we are capping the number of tickets sold to 1,000.


Casual to kink wear! Be you! Be comfortable! However, you must be covered and street legal outside of the venue.  We suggest attendees wear comfortable clothes during the day and kink/sexy outfits during the evening play parties. That being said, come as you like!  Latex, leather, costumes, drag, uniforms, nude, or all black, just be you!


Parking is across the venue, on the street, or in the parking lot of the businesses across the street. The GOAT Live has a shared parking agreement with those businesses so your vehicle will not be towed.

We are working hard to negotiate transportation with the hotels from which we will have a group rate.


Early bird registration will be on Thursday, July 13th at Dungeon Hell Paso.  Early morning Registration at The GOAT Live venue will start at 8am. We recommend you allow at least 1-hour to get through registration, especially on the first day of the convention.

You will receive a wristband when you check-in. You must wear this wristband at all times. If you need to remove your wristband for any reason, please return to the registration desk during open hours with your photo ID AND the old wristband to receive a replacement.

Please check your schedule for registration, check-in times, and locations.


Small bag/backpack, heavy snacks (ideally a lunch), water bottle, comfortable clothes, a warm layer, comfortable shoes, cash, seat cushion, batteries/power pack (limited on-site outlets), clothing repair items, wristwatch (phone not allowed), medications, any workshop specific gear (rope, etc.), and a notebook with pen/pencil (for class notes).

Bring all your daily supplies to avoid unnecessary trips back to your hotel.


There will be a small food court, with limited food and drink selections.  We will have discount offers to all attendees at The Rockhouse Dive Bar and Kitchen Venue, during their normal kitchen hours. Packing a lunch is totally acceptable, especially if you have dietary restrictions or allergies. Bring a water bottle and snacks.


We are working hard to make this happen. At this time, there are no details on a coat and bag check.


Tobacco smoking and vaping is allowed only in designated smoking areas.

Marijuana is not allowed at 9th Circle International Kink Convention or at The GOAT Live property. Recreational marijuana is illegal in Texas.

Anyone appearing to be intoxicated or mentally impaired will be removed from 9th Circle International Kink Convention without warning or refund.


Holiday Inn El Paso West - Sunland Park group rate (link coming soon)

Please be respectful of vanilla hotel guests and staff. Harassing or propositioning behavior may result in the termination of contracts or continued partnership with those hotels.  Please respect the consent of non-kinky people.

We will be negotiating for shuttle service to and from The GOAT Live venue. Once secured, specific details will be emailed to registrants.


A "dungeon" is a designated play space filled with a variety of furniture meant to facilitate BDSM and kink. Due to local laws, Dungeon Hell Paso is, and must remain, a non-sexual dungeon. Many types of BDSM and kink are allowed at Dungeon Hell Paso. Please read the Code of Conduct to learn what types of play are not allowed as well as to familiarize yourself with dungeon etiquette.

A limited amount of shelving is available inside the dungeon to store coats and bags. This is not secured or monitored and should be used at your own risk. There is a "blood play" area meant for any type of play that may break the skin (needles, staples, cutting, etc.). We supply sharps containers and biohazard bins to dispose of blood play supplies.

There is a first aid station that has medical supplies and volunteers with first aid training, please visit them if needed.

There is one Dungeon Monitor (DM) at each play station. DMs enforce the dungeon rules, monitor risk-aware play, answer questions, and help facilitate dungeon safety. DMs can help you with scene logistics. If you disagree with a DM, you can appeal to the Head DM on duty but their decision is final.

Generally, we supply gloves, paper towels, and wipes throughout the dungeon space.


You do not need to sign up for workshops in advance. All workshops are first-come-first-served. More popular workshops will reach maximum capacity. To be certain you get a seat, arrive at least 10 minutes early to the workshop.

Read the workshop descriptions, which will include warnings about what you may witness. Please exercise self-care, which may include leaving a workshop.

Workshop changes will be written on a whiteboard during check-in.

Clothing or barrier (blanket, yoga mat, etc.) must be between nude bodies and the floor, chairs, or other furniture.


Our official event photographer is Dionysium Photography. They will be visibly wearing an official photographer badge.
A selfie area will be provided a part from the main areas for you and your group to take pictures.


A bootblack will be on-site on a per donation basis.

There will be licensed massage therapists at 9th Circle International Kink Convention. TheraBeast will be located in the aftercare area and will be offering massages at a separate cost.


Vendors Row is accessible only to ticket holders.

We recommend bringing cash as not all vendors will be able to accept credit or debit cards. At this time, no ATM is on site.


The 9th Circle International Kink Convention is not affiliated with any other off-site communities other than those of Dungeon Hell Paso.

If you have questions as to whether an off-site event is sanctioned by the 9th Circle International Kink Convention or Dungeon Hell Paso, please ask at our info station.  Off-site events should be attended at your own discretion.


We need many volunteers to organize and execute the 9th Circle International Kink Convention. To be an on-site volunteer, you must complete the volunteer application on the website and be accepted. Completing the application does not guarantee a volunteer spot.


More info soon


If you see a safety problem, or something that needs to be addressed, please tell us! You can approach any volunteer wearing a 9th Circle International Kink Convention lanyard or go to the registration tables. If it's not immediate, you can email via the contact page. 

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